small target silhouette About The Project

The project originated as the NIU CEET Senior Design project for two Electrical Engineering Technology students: Matt Waterman (also a Computer Science major) and Don Salazar. CEET students must complete a two-semester senior design project prior to graduating. We decided to have some fun and build something we would enjoy using and that the target shooting community needs. Our project/presentation ended up taking first place in the department.

There are electronic target systems out there already, but they are proprietary and expensive–too expensive for most ranges and shooting clubs, let alone the average shooter. One of the overriding goals of the project (besides that it works) was to make the system as cheap as possible. Some people will be able to build a complete system out of stuff they already have. Others might spend $50-100 to create a system.

I (Matt) am continuing to work on every aspect of the project. While most of the research has been accomplished and a workable solution has been demonstrated, I am still working towards making something closer to a finished product. I would like to be able to provide perfected plans, robust source code, and eventually even ready-made PCBs and kits. Unfortunately, my day job takes up a lot of time and progress is slow-going.